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Phoenix Rising Sleep Medicine

World-Class Facilities

Besides Home Sleep Studies, Portable type III

We provide in lab, diagnostic sleep studies and CPAP titration studies

Expert Doctors

Dr. Jiva is board certified in Sleep Medicine and also in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. 

Dr. Jiva is board certified in Internal Medicine and provides Internal Medicine/Primary Care services.

He is also board certified in Pulmonary Medicine and provides pulmonary evaluations and follow up care.

Dr. Jiva is a lawyer, JD, LLB, LLM, admitted to practice law in Washington, DC. He is an expert witness and provides IMEs.

Health Services

We also provide pulmonary, sleep and .

legal medicine consultations.

We provide IME, Workers' Compensation Cases, Disability and No-fault reviews.

Contact Information


2545 Sheridan Drive. Suite 5

Tonawanda, NY 14150



716-836-1399 fax
716-939-8899 Cell #


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